"Provides a tremendous amount of respect to all students"

Grew up in culturally and architecturally rich: East Mediterranean, Piere showed an aptitude for art and design challenges at a young age. When his dad bought him legos for his second birthday, it got his concentration and imagination all at once. He spent hours and days in assembling and building. Out of the captivation, Piere developed a passion for architecture.


After graduating from high school, he was offered an admission to a faculty of Engineering. But a few months later during his engineering preparatory year, his dad passed away, and, his family recommended that he proceeds to a civil engineering path contrary to his ambition. It was thought to be financially more secure.​ His fond of architecture however never stopped dominating his thinking, and clearly reflected on all his academic work.

Once he earned his bachelor's degree, Piere decided to build his own identity. So he founded an architectural design firm and designed and built tens of residential and commercial buildings. His authentic approach was to integrate three elements: structure, architecture and nature. On the way, his designs gained reputation, and his desire was stimulated to pursue post-graduate studies in Architecture in Canada. As most francophones do, Piere landed in Québec, but later on, in 2014, he moved to Hamilton, Ontario. He completed post-graduate courses and programs in Architecture and sustainable Urban Planning at the Universities of Edinburgh, Heriot-Watt, Harvard Graduate School of Design, TU-Delft, and currently at the faculty of Architecture at Université Laval.

As a USGBC accredited LEED Green Associate, Piere's contribution to green, net-zero energy, passive, eco, bio-climatic, zero-Carbon, low-impact and environmental-friendly design and practice is remarkably growing. Most recently, he developed an analytical portfolio for the Joyce Centre for Partnership and Innovation for the purpose of enhancing its architectural efficiency and green power generating capacity.

Piere served more than five years as a Professor of Architecture and Urban Planning at Mohawk College, ON. He believes in his message as an educator and devotedly wants to ensure that none of his students will encounter the hardship he has endured seeking his passion that he had developed early in his childhood. ​He is described as teleporting his scholars from theory to practice and from application to innovation by utilizing various educational philosophies through a fascinating voyage that starts with the beginning of every class. When he reads students’ feedback reports on teaching, only then does Piere contemplate their meaning as his highest achievement by far, and he realizes how much his lectures continue to inspire!

On a personal level, Piere is a keen amateur chess player since the age of five. He enjoys writing poems, and sometimes authoring fictional short stories.




The pandemic and the stay-at-home state has influenced me to creating this not-for-profit campaign that aims to raise the awareness on the importance of embracing green architectural and sustainable practices. 

In a one-minute video, we will show simple cases, tell great stories of influential architectural practice that one may think will have an impact. This is your campaign, and I am looking forward for your action, participation. You can film a one-minute video (You do not have to show your face), using as less technology as your cellphones, talk about one architectural environmental practice that you think could be ameliorated, telling us why, and share it under this hashtag #OneMinuteGreenArchitecture

We are aiming to reach a one-million participant from all around the world. So, please nominate some friend or a colleague to participate


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I have been exchanging French and English languages with Piere this summer at Université Laval, and it has been a great experience. He is a very thoughtful friend who puts a lot of thought into how he communicates with others. He is respectful, and very gentle with everyone in the circle, always encouraging others (2020)


I have had the opportunity to know Piere for the last three years, I am actively involved with his work and projects, I have assisted with his appointment to Continuing Education at Mohawk College..

His whole approach and demeanour is impeccable, and his love for life and his family compares to non. Based on his communication skills and extensive knowledge and experience in the building and construction sector, I see Piere as a huge asset to the department of Building and Construction Sciences at Mohawk College. (2016)

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Thank you, Piere, for participating in International Education Week, November 10-14, 2014. By volunteering your time and assisting at events throughout the week you helped to make International Education Week a success. Your teamwork and leadership skills were noted and appreciated. [........]


Thanks to you and your and your support we were able to promote international awareness and celebrate the diversity at the College. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours (2014)  


Piere and I have participated together in a research project as we were pursuing our Professional Engineering Ontario License. During our research, Piere tended to get more investigations to understand the issues and then engaged his creativity to find new ways to better solve old issues. He took a high-level view of the difficulties involved and jot down a list of all the potential factors that could get in the way of a solution. Then he could approach the issue in a comprehensive manner with a higher degree of success.

Piere was absolutely delighted to give the credit to anyone who resolves an issue and moves everyone forward. He had no concern about getting the credit because in business there is no shortage of new problems to solve. Working with him was so much fun, and I sincerely thank him for a great project we have done together (2016)


I have known Pierre as a class mate at Higher Education Teaching Course Certificate at Harvard University' Graduate School of Education. Pierre has demonstrated high levels of enthusiasm and activeness through the course. His knowledge and experience in research and education were evident in all the work and discussions he has participated in. He is always ambition to obtain knowledge, and to contribute to change (2019).

A.  E.

Thank you so much, Piere, for your kindness and support. Your course was one of the truly interesting courses, and I hope to be taught by you in another course in the coming term (2018)

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Pierre has been employed by Student Success Initiatives of Mohawk College as a Peer Tutor for the Fall 2015 semester. The position of Peer Tutor requires a person with the ability to assess varied learning styles and be able to utilize different teaching techniques to assist students. Training and orientation for Peer Tutors cover effective tutoring skills, college policies including confidentiality, awareness of human rights and acts of discrimination, academic dishonesty, and fire and safety awareness. Tutors also receive training in basic tutoring techniques, tutoring ESL students, students with disabilities, and are provided with the tools and resources to offer students information about overall college services.  


I have found Pierre to be motivated to accomplish the above training requirements. Pierre has demonstrated enthusiasm and dedication to his Student Leader role by volunteering for additional events on campus associated with the Peer Tutor Program (2015)


Pierre is an excellent student. He shows a highly motived and enthusiastic attitude to his studies. He is proactive and assertive and works very well independently. He has a strong knowledge and demonstrates an admirable academic approach (2019)


Pierre has demonstrated high levels of engagement and hard work throughout his studies, where he successfully met all his learning outcomes at an excellent level. His knowledge and experience were evident in all the work he has produced to fulfill the assessment requirements of the several courses I've tutored him through. His enthusiasm to participate in discussions, conation to obtain knowledge, and ambition to contribute to change have been remarkable.


Tutoring Pierre has been a pleasure and I highly recommend Pierre for this PhD programme and would anticipate him achieving wonderful if not ground breaking results.


I was Mr. Bordeaux' academic supervisor professor for graduation project of steel bridge. Mr. Bordeaux distinguished himself by submitting an exceptional well-researched innovative design project. Mr. Bordeaux is known for his activeness, intelligence and accuracy in performing his work, besides being cooperative and having good relations with his colleagues.

I feel confident that Mr. Bordeaux possesses the well perseverance and initiative character that can lead him very successfully in post-graduate studies. It is a great pleasure for me to give him my best recommendations for any chance that can be given to him


Piere accepts his responsibilities and interacts in a very pleasant fashion on a team. He understands the importance of having a vision that at the present is out of reach. He is a detailed planner and methodologically step-by-step he accurately completes the details and eventually reaches his goal [.......]

I am positive he is a man who will contribute his knowledge and experience and enhance our community in the very personable and uplifting way he lives (2017)


I really love your teaching [.......] You are professional and nice instructor. Thanks always (2018)

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Thank you, Piere, for your participation in the 3rd Annual Hamilton Environmental Summit as a student representative of the Mohawk College Sustainability Office. Your attendance at the event on April 22, 2015 enhanced the dialogue. [........]

Thank you for being a part of this event, and for helping to support sustainability and community partnership at Mohawk College (2015) 

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I had the pleasure of working alongside Pierre while he supported an innovative research project on campus. Funded by the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario (HECQO), Mohawk College was the site of several exciting initiatives related to academic advising and early support services for new, incoming Mohawk College students.


Specifically, Pierre supported Start Smart, Mohawk College’s orientation event for new students. At Start Smart, Pierre eagerly assisted with the triage and registration of participants, and used his facilitation skills to assist with the delivery of sessions and the prompt addressing of student questions with Mohawk College staff when support was needed. Most importantly, Pierre was a key point of contact for students and their supporters on, what is for most, their first day on campus; as a result, Pierre contributed to the creation of a warm, welcoming College environment for new students, which set a positive tone for the start of their academic career. In total, Pierre welcomed over 900 first-year students to Mohawk College with eagerness, enthusiasm and pride in his college community. Most recently, Pierre has also assisted with the Scaller Campaign, an interesting outreach project which connects first-year students in need of support to a Student Leader; through phone conversations, Pierre was part of a team which connected over 450 in-need students directly to a Student Leader who provided personalized advice for success.


 The success of this projects is a direct result of the diligence, professionalism and initiative that Pierre exhibited. I can earnestly say that Pierre personifies of the abilities and attitudes of a leader, and am confident that he would excel and make a positive impact in all of his endeavours. You will find Pierre’s communication skills, professionalism, attention to detail and optimism unparalleled. (2015)  


I just wanted to say thank you for being a kind and wonderful professor, I have no doubt you will continue to positively impact your students also I have learned so much from you in this course and I am so glad to have taken this course with you (2018)


Being a distance learning student is not easy with little input from teachers, but Pierre has risen to the challenge. Two thirds of his grades are As or Bs.  This is a very creditable performance given that also the subjects require extensive individual reading of academic papers. 


Pierre’s success on the programme is evidence that he will cope very well with the demands of a PhD.  I recommend him for the opportunity.




Thank you , two simple words which I write to you full of gratitude for your recent support to whom of Highest priority needs at Toronto General and Toronto Western hospitals. [.......] Once again, and on behalf of all the patients who will live healthier, longer lives because of you, I say thank you. Your generosity saves lives (2020)